About Us


Hola primas!

Cristal Cosmetics is passionate about creating products that allow you to express your beautiful self!

Makeup is one of my favorite ways to show the world how I’m feeling, and I’m happy to design products that allow you to do the same.

Cristal Cosmetics started with me going live on Facebook for what I thought would be a one-time makeup tutorial.

What it turned into was something far more than I could ever imagine. We’ve become a network of beautiful men and women from different parts of the world who come together a few times a week to explore all the fun looks we can create with makeup.

I hope you’ll enjoy using these products just as much as I enjoyed creating them for you!


What is a 'Prima'?

In Spanish, a prima directly translates to “cousin.” Here at Cristal Cosmetics, a prima means a friend, a sister, a person who encourages and supports you to be your best self! A prima is you, me and all of this we have built together.

Prima Mindset

  1. Negative vibes get no attention.
  2. Don’t let the scary voices get to you. When people don’t understand something, they get scared. Then, they try to scare you too. But primas have confidence in their plans and visions, and the scary voices ain’t no thang, girl.
  3. Set your goals high and work tirelessly to make them your reality. Primas are go-getters. We work hard to make things happen.

I present to you Cristal Cosmetics, para las soñadoras, las luchonas, y las CHINGONAS!